Room features

Languages: english, german and italian
New amenities: Cooler & Massage pool

Vlasta Apartment is located in a quiet village Marušići. The apartment is located in a beautiful pine forest, far from the noise of cars and traffic. The sea is 80 meters air distance and you can come with the stairs (120 steps). That way you can get to the four beaches, and there is a shower.

Beautiful pine forest creates a natural shade

Vlasta Apartment has its own parking lot, which is located directly above the apartment. The apartment includes four bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, two toilets, balcony with a sea view and an outdoor terrace. Around the apartment is a large garden and the possibility of space for children to play. The apartment contains two barbecues and parking space which is above the apartment and its locked. Also there is another WC that is in the house but you can access it from the outside. Also smooking is allowed in the apartment.


  • Distance to the sea: 80 m
  • Distance from city: 13 km
  • Distance from grocery store: 800 m
  • Distance from shopping center: 13 km
  • Distance from the pharmacy: 13 km
  • Distance from ambulance: 13 km
  • Distance from ATM: 13 km
  • Distance to exchange office: 800 m
  • Distance from gas station: 13 km

  • Distance from restaurant: 800 m
  • Distance from walking trail: 200 m
  • Distance from main road: 400 m
  • Distance from bus station: 800 m
  • Distance from main bus station: 39 km
  • Distance from airport: 65 km
  • Distance from ferry: 39 km
  • Distance from train station: 39 km